Omorogbe Brothers Inc.

Toronto Based Tech Consulting Firm
We have over 15 years of experience work at world-class companies including Microsoft, IBM, Thales, Blackberry and Hydro One. We have worked with both large and small companies designing complex software systems, developing platforms, and delivering web application development from end to end. Our goal is to educate our clients, providing high quality and efficient services. We’re here to support you as your trusted tech specialist.


Constantly curious and driven by the desire to always make things better through tech solutions. Therefore, we believe in ensure the best quality of service for start-ups and small medium businesses.

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Services & Expertise we provide

DevSecOps Consultation and implementation

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Consultation

Website Design and Development

Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing

Tech Education

Management Consulting for Start Ups

Industries we work with

Tech Startup

We have the proven expertise from world class companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Thales, Blackberry and HydroOne.


Ensuring secure and world-class tech solutions for government infrastructure companies in the energy and transportation industry including such as Thales, and HydroOne.

Small Medium Enterprises

Passionate about bring technology to non-technical folks. Using technology to drive real business transformation.


As former freelancers ourselves, we can empathize with the everyday struggles of freelancers. We assist in creating tech solutions to make you more efficient.

Clients we work with